Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I found a vintage crochet pattern that spoke to me about my favorite holiday. I lightly modified an old pattern labelled 'A Pretty Spider Insertion in Torchon Effect.' I didn't know what 'torchon' meant, but I did like the spider-like image in the middle and decided it would make a great black scarf for Halloween. And I couldn't resist looking up torchon online - come on, you're curious, too, right?
Pattern available at my Etsy store.

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Eileen said...

Beautiful pattern, I'm very impressed by your workmanship!

Amazingly, I was familiar with the term, but only because (wait for it...) I used to do bobbin lace. It was only a short experiment, because my mentor moved away shortly after I got the equipment, and I simultaneously hit a bad stretch in my life, but it was an awful lot of fun. I still have the pillow and bobbins buried up in the attic somewhere...