Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to make an astronaut spacesuit

Figuring out how to make an astronaut costume on the cheap for a homeschool class turned out to be a fun exercise.

Here's how you make the helmet:

1. Find a 'helmet size' bucket or basket. This will be your mold.
2. Put a plastic bag (the type you get at the grocery store) over the outside. This will be the 'lining.'
3. Using duck tape in the color of your choice, tape all over the plastic bag.
4. Using regular scissors, trim around the bottom of the helmet and remove the helmet from the basket. It should lift off easily since the tape stuck to the plastic bag, not the basket.
5. Cut out the faceplate.
6. Give it to your favorite Jr. Astronaut.

Oh, and while you have that duck tape out, go get two 2-liter soda bottle to make a set of oxygen tanks.

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