Friday, July 11, 2008

Recycled wool - part 2

Well, the larger bowl was a little too floppy. (Note to self: alpaca is soft and pretty, but doesn't felt that well...) But the wristlets were kind of fun to make. And they are very soft thanks to the alpaca in the yarn and running through the washer to full them a little. My 15 year old niece is in town for a few days and I'm thinking it might be fun for the two of us to dye these things a more interesting color (like maybe - bright pink?) I found this great tutorial at on how to use kool aid and a crockpot. We need the method that is: 1) easy, and 2) least likely to produce stains all over the kitchen if you are the mess type (we both are.) This method sounds like the winner. And we can use kool aid, which is non-toxic and I'm guessing will leave the wristlets smelling nice.

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Eileen said...

You should post the photos of the yarn you dyed - they are lovely. But what ever happened to the wristlets? Did they dye up decently?