Monday, December 29, 2008

Make mine a Garden Hopper

Most Christmases I open at least one gift that I'm not quite sure how to react to. And naturally I have to open it in front of M's entire family. They have this little tradition where only one person at a time opens their gifts so that everyone else can 'ooh' and 'aah' and closely watch your face for reactions. Well, the 2008 Grand Prize Winner is my Garden Hopper. At first glance, this contraption looks like something my son used to ride on in his toddler years, minus the handle to pull it. (In fairness, it does have a hook where you can attach one.) It's even made by Step 2. Don't those people make toddler riding toys? But on closer inspection, I think this gift may turn out to be a big winner. It has a little seat for working in the garden - no small thing when you're middle-aged and have more and more trouble just bending over, much less squatting. And notice the cup holder on one end. I can have my beverage of choice within arm's reach. Plus there's a storage area under the seat for tools, although I plan to use it to hold snacks to go with my beverage. I still need to check the weight limit. That's the true test.

What was your 'most interesting' gift this Christmas?

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Eileen said...

I love it - might need to get one for me mum, who is a gardener with less-than-sprightly knees...

My best Christmas gift(s) were less 'interesting' but very useful - flannel nighties that opened up the front, so that I could get them on post-op without having to raise my arms. I felt much better cruising the hospital halls in those rather than those awful hospital gowns, I can tell you!