Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crocheted Pillbox Hat

For some time now I have been a little obsessed with creating a pillbox hat. I'm not sure of the source of the urge since 1) I don't wear hats myself, 2) 'fashionable' is not an adjective that describes me, and 3)I live in a part of the country where the purpose of a hat is to keep the hot sun off of your face (or neck, as the case may be.) But, still, a cute little pillbox hat. Just the name sounds exotic. I originally envisioned a felted one, but that hasn't worked out too well. Probably I need a hat form for felt to work. Instead, here is what I finally came up with - a pillbox hat of sorts. I used an extra bulky yarn and added a novelty yarn for the 'flash' factor.

Pattern available at my etsy shop.


Sunshine said...


Brooke said...

Love the hat, especially since the only thing I've ever knitted is a scarf in that same eyelash yarn you used. But I didn't see the pattern over at you etsy shop. Maybe I just need to look later.

timary said...

Sorry about that Brooke - I am in the process of getting it there. Guess I spoke too soon. Thanks for commenting!