Monday, February 9, 2009

The Perfect Crochet Book for Beginners

I recently volunteered to teach a group of kids to crochet. Since I learned the craft rather haphazardly (whatever I picked up as needed) I thought it might be a good idea to review my favorite how-to book. Sure enough, I am doing a few things wrong (like how I hold that darned hook.) This aptly titled book is extremely readable and is perfect for absolute beginners. It even explains the hieroglyphics that pass for instructions in most patterns. Check out Crocheting in Plain English: Easy-to-follow lessons in patterns, Sensible solutions to nagging problems, The only book any crocheter will ever Need over at Amazon where you can view the Table of Contents and read the first chapter.


Deneen said...

This is te first book I bought years ago, way before I started crocheting and still on of the main reference books I always go back to and recommend to people wanting to learn. I even bought the Knitting version (haven't used it yet) for myself. This and "The Crochet Answer Book"-it's nice reading how someone else agrees with me on this book (since it's an older book and everyone tends to chose the ones that came out in the past few years).

timary said...

This book has everything you need, doesn't it? I believe there is a new updated edition, but I haven't checked on it yet. I will look for the knitting version - I don't knit but keep planning to learn.

Deneen said...

There is an updated version, different cover. I tell people all the time "go to the library, check the book out, use Interlibrary loan, etc-see if it's a book you will truly USE"-I thought I was the only one online who raved about this book instead of the newer, hipper books. Sometimes it's nice to see others thinking the same way you do.