Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Felt Food - A Mixed Baby Greens Salad

Yum, yum. I wish I had thought of making this. What a great idea for kids AND grownups. So much more fun to play with than plastic food from the big box store, don't you think? I found this handmade felt salad at dashingBean's shop on Etsy. Her stuff is currently all sold out, but hopefully not for long. I'm hungry for more (sorry, couldn't resist...)


ms toast burner said...

Mmmmm and a good source of fibre!

I found your blog via Mog's. I have always wanted to learn how to do felting.

timary said...

So true about the fibre - hadn't thought of that! :) The felting I do (wet felting) is pretty easy - just throw it in the washing machine! But someday I need to try needle felting...