Friday, March 13, 2009

My New Favorite Crocheted Rose Pattern

I have been meaning to post this picture for awhile. Rarely do I find a crochet book that I really, really like. Well, I really, really like The Crochet Bible: The Complete Handbook for Creative Crochet
by Sue Whiting. These three roses were made from a pattern in the book and I love how they turned out. (That's the same pattern as the red rose in the upper right corner of the book's front cover.) I used a slightly larger yarn than called for so these came out about 5" across - hooray for big flowers! I tend to think of them as camellias rather than roses but who cares what you call them. There are a couple more projects in the book calling to me - always the sign of a good crochet book.

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Robin said...

beautiful. thanks for reminding me of this book.