Monday, July 13, 2009

How to buy a bread machine for $10 or less

The short answer: Goodwill. I've noticed that Goodwill stores are a great place to find expensive appliances (like bread machines) for a few bucks. The trick is knowing that Goodwill lines them up along a back wall in the least interesting part of the store. My eyes used to just bounce off of them like some high-tech reflective surface. When I seriously started looking for a bread machine a few months ago I finally noticed them. Now I know what electrical treasures lay buried in the nether regions of the local thrift store.

For example, this morning I saw two juicers, three bread machines, a deep fryer, and several other appliances I couldn't even identify. For $10 I picked up this bread machine, brought it home, cleaned it, found the instruction manual online, printed the manual, and then made a loaf to be certain it works. My husband was convinced that something must be wrong with it, that it wasn't going to work, that no one would drop off a working bread machine at Goodwill. I, of course, knew better. Because I understand how those appliances get to Goodwill in the first place. One gets a fancy new gadget, uses it a few times, gets bored with it and finds somewhere to store it. Later (could be months or years) one gets rid of it while in a frenzy of de-cluttering.

By the way, this bread machine is headed for a friend who needs one - it's pictured loaded up in my car ready for delivery. I was tempted to pick up one of the juicers, too, but I already have one in storage that hasn't yet been de-cluttered.

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