Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Make your Swiffer Green

I have a Swiffer and I like it. But I keep forgetting to buy those sheets for them. And since I am a bit of a tightwad, I resent having to buy them in the first place. They seem expensive, don't you think? Anyway, a crocheted swiffer sock pattern over at Craftstylish looked like a cheap (and green) solution - a reuseable cover that can go in the washing machine. The next thing that popped into my head was those 50's crocheted dusting mitts with the loops. I'm a sucker for everything mid-century modern so I had to have one with loops. Add research on the loop stitch and ugly old acrylic yarn and I've got my loopy duster. And I bet synthetic yarn is better at creating static electricity than the fancy stuff anyway.

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